Should we be reminded about our Civic Responsibilities?

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Do we forget to eat or take bath? Does someone help you remind about it? It comes hysterically when one is asked about these day-to-day silly things. When was the last time you were true to the word ‘patriot’? Is it difficult to recollect? Do you need shows like Satyamev Jayate, Crime Patrol to remind you your civic responsibilities? We give you insights about youth in a tête-à-tête with them.


We live in the largest democratic country of the world which mainly comprises of youth who have adapted to modern lifestyle and have forgotten their basic responsibility towards the society. Few shows like ‘Satyamev Jayate’, hosted by iconic movie star Aamir khan boasts about realizing our basic civic responsibility and evil things happening within our society. Do patriots and responsible citizen require a constant reminder or a push? Adil Mistry, a political enthusiasts and an employee with Amazon says, “At some point, we do require a reminder because we Indians are accustomed doing things that are told to do so.”


Many studies indicate that Television is a powerful medium and has a greater impact on everyone. Youth complain about the appearances of these shows once in blue moon. Karim Lalani, a businessman tells, “They are like small bombs which last couple of days and exhaust afterwards. Change begins as people keep watching these shows day in and night.”

With the exception of a couple of lessons taught in school, not a lot of attention is given to these aspects. Schools and homes do not teach their children about the importance of civic sense and how it could make a difference to the country and the quality of their lives. In lieu of this, Imran Bandeali, a business developer from the city tells, “More shows like Satyamev Jayate should be launched and aired repeatedly to help people differentiate between the right and wrong. When a kid is out of school, he doesn’t care about these aspects but money.”

Few youngsters are still in the point of view that civic responsibilities should come from within rather than a show reminding us about it. Adil adds, “Civic responsibility is something that should be self-realized but it’s good to see celebs preaching it. It can help ignite an inspiration because of their mass appeal and blind fan following.”


Today, when the country and the state are going under construction for a new leadership, showing civic responsibility is the need of the hour. It is not uncommon to read or hear about communal friction. Even living in the city has become difficult because people have no consideration whatsoever for fellow city-dwellers. Akbar Ali Gangani, an associate with ADP feels, “We tend to forget things. Shows like these help us to recollect and inspire us doing good things towards society.”

Indians are popular with these lines ‘everybody does it, we will do it too’ which seems to be a common excuse. It is difficult for a country to change its mindset when its leaders themselves are setting bad examples, round the clock, all the time. Change starts from one individual and spreads like virus. “An alarm clock is needed for us to remind us of our civic responsibility” concludes Adil.

A Must Watch – Traffic Safety PSA

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A reminder message to reckless motorists about a very basic safety procedure they’d forgotten. In rather unforgettable fashion by third/mixed gender. A public service message.

I Voted. Have You?

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I Voted. Have You?
I Voted. Have You?


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So you have reached the age of 18, Congratulations! You just got the power to decide the new leadership in a country where the majority people are youths. You are among the other million first-time voters that India will see at the upcoming 2014 elections. With elections looming over the head, The Hindu gives a stage to manna Hyderabadis to express their thoughts.

In a democratic country like India people are vested with the right to vote and to elect a new leader. Yet, some youth are in delusion to vote, while others are excited about their first time. Aditya Tan, who turned 20 recently excitedly says, “I am voting for the first time and I am excited about it. The idea of electing a leader of my choice who is suitable for the post gives me a sense of pride.”

With the current scenario of division of our state and political instability in the country, people are scared about the future. “With the current unrest in the state and the country, voting is out of option” expresses Rizwan, a biker from the city. Talking about the mammoth amount of money spent during the elections by these politicians for election campaign, Manikanta, an engineering student from Vikas Engineering College tells, “I am sceptical about voting as political leaders are of no good, they spend crores and crores of money on election campaign instead of utilizing it to fulfil their promises made in the past elections.”

“Youth whine about the current stature of the political system that seems to be plausibly deteriorating because in the country has gone in the hands of the dogs. They tend to forget the paramount rule of the world — if you don’t vote, you can’t complain” shares Hussain, a filmmaker from the city.

For a country where women play a vital role, contribute about 49% voters. Are they going to vote? Guess what, these youth are adamant about the power vested to them by the Election Commission of India and feel that in a bid to be a responsible citizen they have a right to vote. Aasma Bhaidani, a psychology student form St. Francis College of Women tells, “I am definitely going to vote as it is the right and responsibility of every citizen. People should not vote at the cost of electing a leader but should realize their civic responsibility.”

On contrary to the excited voters, there are people who feel voting is a waste of time. Sai Durga, a media student from Andhra Loyola College says, “I think voting is a waste of time as the system is corrupted.There is no value of me wasting my time and money going to a centre and vote.” Few youngsters are sceptic about the candidates but are still going to vote for the sake of fulfilling their responsibility. Adil Mistry, a 21 year old working at Amazon and a keen political observer feels, “I am going to vote even though I don’t like any of the candidates as it is my right.” Many youth including me are going to vote, are you? Jai Hind!

Behind Those Complicated Movie Reviews

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…the high vocab and the super flux sentences 


Did it cross your brilliant mind about the pains you took to read the review of the movie you planned to go this weekend? Did you leave it half-read? Did you read the content of the review selectively? Is it confusing? Is the review piece too high on vocabulary and out of the norm? Or is it another fanatic piece of art written to impress you?

Many people around the world take a heck lot of pain to read the review and use their grey cells to understand the head and tail of the story. Though, the review is solely one person’s point of view, it’s still read by the lay man so as to decide is it worth the money. Few reviews persuade you to go an extra mile to purchase that expensive ticket and kill time by watching a sheer piece of crap or an art, in some cases. At the end of the movie you sometimes remorse reading the review and watching the movie, in fact, you compare your stand on the movie with the reviewer and think that it was easy to put the movie review in plain English rather than using high vocab English. Your mind wonders – Are they willing to sound intelligent and showy?

Biased or Unbiased or Both

Are the reviewers biased on giving ratings to a movie? Yes, if they are too rich and drive a Bentley or Mercedes A-class because of the money they get from the filmmakers to review the film in a way that the card falls in their place. Are we right in judging a book by its appearance? No, if they are just like you and me who follow righteous values and fear God. Both if they are too smart to know when and what to do the things that will benefit both the parties.

Portraying Powerful


Having said that, figure how many words they read regularly to keep up with others in a market filled with competitors. Say, twenty words daily and with the grey hairs on their head, you can account that they must have learnt a lot of words in their journalistic life. Now, they want to pour it and portray themselves as juvenile, showy celebrity who is powerful and that stars fear them (the stereotypical nature of critic), readers follow them blindly without knowing their hidden agenda and propaganda. If so they must have surely preferred writing a movie review to the boring yet intelligent editorial writings.


Adhering To Media House Policies Of Bias


Every organization has policies which need to be followed including media houses which have become a formal organization. Now, let’s look at the facts – media houses are run by shareholders, partners and advertisers. If a film producer or an actor is a major yet secret shareholder or a partner in the company, the media house is obligated to write a positive review otherwise the threat of withdrawing money from the company heads over the company.

It’s Piece Of Art


If you don’t understand anything today, you can simply deem it to be an art piece. But are movie reviews art? Movie reviewers generally hold the opinion that the reviews are balanced and a piece of art because it has gone through a lot of process from crafting to drafting to editing which makes it a furnished piece of art. You as a non movie reviewer might hold the opposite opinion though.

Behind those complicated movie reviews are the brains of the reviewer. You be the judge whether to read the reviews and enhance your English language skills or be lazy about it thinking it as a waste of time or a pressure on the grey cells of the brain.

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